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Chanel Greco, founder saperis.io

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Women are still highly underrepresented in the startup sector with currently only around 20% female (co-)founders. This is a societal and systemic issue for gender equality, as well as a missed opportunity for the economy. With our project, we aim to tackle this problem and alter the narrative about women entrepreneurs in Switzerland. In the end, we want to significantly increase the number of female founders in Switzerland!

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Unfortunately, there is a lack of data about the swiss startup ecosystem and the female players in it. That’s why we have created a survey that will help us gather more insights and drive actions in the neccessary areas.

Data allows us to create specific actions to fight against gender imbalance in the startup ecosystem!

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The female founder map aims to provide transparency on the number of female founders in Switzerland and their sectors.

Role Models

We portray strong and innovative women that act as role models in their industries, making it easy to invite female founders for events, talks, discussions and so on.


The female founder initiative aims to inspire, inform and support women to become founders and entrepreneurs.

One day we will only talk about talent, not gender

Melanie Kovacs, founder and business coach

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