There are so many great events taking place around the topic female* entrepreneurship and gender equality / diversity in general. We want to provide an overview of all these events and support the many great organizations who are making this possible. We also invite you to join the Female Founder Community on LinkedIn – a place for inspiration, exchange and support!

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30.11.2022 12:00 — 13:00

Resilienz Workshop – 5x Auftanken im Herbst 5/5

Investiere in deine Resilienz, um Stärke zu entwickeln, dich besser zu erholen und die Qualität deines Lebens zu verbessern.

Jeder von uns erlebt gute und schlechte Zeiten. In diesem Workshop lernst du, wie sich Resilienz auf die verschiedenen Aspekte des Lebens auswirkt und wie du deine Resilienz aufbaust. Damit bist du für schlechte Zeiten besser vorbereitet.

➡Lerne anhand praktischer Übungen, wie Du Resilienz in deinem Leben entwickeln kannst

➡ Verbessere deine Fähigkeit, dich von Rückschlägen zu erholen

➡ Verstehe, wie Du die Qualität deines täglichen Handelns erhalten kannst

➡ Jede Stunde kann einzeln besucht werden.

Organised by: Zehnder Coaching GmbH
Language: German
Cost: CHF 20 (20% with Code femalefounders)
30.11.2022 17:00 — 18:00

Resilience – Energize yourself 5x this autumn 5/5

Resilience: the positive psychology of bouncing back and the science of thriving

Boost yours!

Learn tips and tricks to manage your stress and daily challenges with our highly experienced & certified coach. By making simple adjustments to your everyday routine you can enhance your resilience, reduce stress level and regain control over your life:
Our trainer will guide you through the intensive 1 hour group resilience training sessions with lots of practical exercises. You will learn simple tools that you can take home after the workshop to help rebalance your life and feel empowered again.

Organised by: Zehnder Coaching GmbH
Language: English
Cost: CHF 20 (20% with Code femalefounders)
30.11.2022 18:00 — 19:30

Startup Stories @ RUNWAY: Meet the Founders

In this Startup Stories, we will get the chance to meet founders from the RUNWAY Startup Incubator. The two incredible founders, Livia Zumofen, Founder of hooq, and Simon Beyer, Co-Founder of Moose, will share their experiences about pitching to investors, how they started their company and what you should look out for when doing the same. And of course: ask all your burning questions about startups, the founding process and anything else you are curious about!

Organised by: STARTUP CAMPUS
Language: English
Cost: Free of charge
30.11.2022 18:30 — 20:00

TEDxZurich presents “Group Discussions” @ Impact Hub

TED Group Discussions go beyond daily small talk and bring people together to discuss big ideas. These small group conversations center around a monthly theme and curated TED Talks to help you see, listen and learn from others.TEDxZurich is excited to continue the conversation with you – our community – breathing life into ideas worth spreading by extending their reach. Join us in conversation & bring your curiosity with you!

Please register here if you like to join this event and reach out to us if you have any further questions.

Organised by: Impact Hub Zürich
Language: E
Cost: kostenfrei
01.12.2022 09:00 — 11:00

Intro to podcasting + Studio Visit

Join this breakfast workshop session where we learn, exchange and prototype podcasting. We end workshop by visiting the recording studio. Join us for breakfast in an inspiring workshop room at Kraftwerk while we go through the opportunity of podcasting. Hosted by award-winning podcast producer Katarina Hagstedt – founder of Podcast Club Switzerland and founder of the first of its kind dedicated podcast recording studio.
By joining you’ll get a practical, hands on intro to podcasting. The session will give you an idea of podcasts as an opportunity to share your voice, what it takes to start your own podcast and how Podcast Tower can help you.

Organised by: Podcast Tower
Language: English
Cost: CHF 30
01.12.2022 17:00 — 22:00


The Founder’s Story is a community from founders to founders. Our vision is to elevate the voice of future disruptors and innovators. We do that in monthly events, where we give the stage to founders to share their founding stories including their challenges, lessons learned and insights on what's driving their businesses to success today. The idea is to provide a platform to find support, enable and accelerate knowledge sharing and connect amongst founders.

If you want to become part of a thriving community - join us for the next session!

Organised by: The Founder's Story Team & Google
Language: English
Cost: Free - please register
13.12.2022 12:00 — 13:30

Startup Stories – Alumni Edition: Profit meets purpose

Have you thought about having a social business in Switzerland or abroad? What knowledge, skills and personality do you need for that? Our experts will help!

The STARTUP CAMPUS and Innosuisse Alumni event will be held on the special topic of “Profit meeting purpose in social businesses and other impactful businesses” where two former STARTUP CAMPUS participants will present their startups and what has happened since the program. Learn about the founders’ processes in building a social business in Switzerland as well as abroad and get inspired. And of course: ask all your burning questions!

Organised by: STARTUP CAMPUS
Language: English
Cost: Free of charge
14.12.2022 12:00 — 13:30

Lunch@Google Zurich

ImpactHub and Google are inviting startups from the ImpactHub Zurich network to a „Lunch@Google“ networking event at Google in Zurich. Each session will focus on a selected topic and Googlers familiar with that topic will attend the lunch to share their expertise and answer questions. The following lunches are scheduled so far:

December 14: Fundraising

For questions please reach out to

Organised by: Impact Hub Zürich
Language: E
Cost: kostenfrei
16.12.2022 17:00 — 18:15

Tour de Hub

Do you want to breathe in some entrepreneurial air and learn about the Impact Hub spaces and our vibrant community?

Then, this is your tour. Our community team gives an introduction to the Impact Hub world, where we come from, what we do and why we do what we do. We kick off the tour at our legendary Viadukt location where it all started and walk over to our buzzing Colab location in the heart of the city. During the tour you will hear about our mission and values, space philosophy and the value proposition to our members and the vibrant coworking community they form.

The tour is free and will take about 1h 15min.

Organised by: Impact Hub Zürich
Language: E/D
Cost: kostenfrei

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