The Initiative

Women are still highly underrepresented in the startup sector with a share of around 20% – looking at science and tech-based startups the share is even 10% female founders.

The reasons for these disparities are complex, but women clearly have to overcome a whole range of obstacles on their way to the top. The underrepresentation of women in the startup scene is not only a societal and systemic issue for gender equality, but also a missed opportunity for the economy. With our project, we aim to tackle these problems and alter the narrative about women entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

The Female Founders map provides transparency in the sector and portrays great female role models in the startup ecosystem. Through portraying these role models, we want to inspire women to become entrepreneurs themselves. In the end, we want to significantly increase the number of female founders in Switzerland!

We also invite you to join the Female Founder Community on LinkedIn – a place for inspiration, exchange and support!


The female founder map aims to provide transparency on the number of female founders in Switzerland and their sectors.

Role Models

We portray strong and innovative women that act as role models in their industries, making it easy to invite female founders for events, talks, discussions and so on.


The female founder initiative aims to inspire, inform and support women to become founders and entrepreneurs.